Games with Drugs – Don’t Play- Mouth Swab Tests

Quite often, most employers will surprise you with a mouth swab test when you are returning to duty, or if they have some suspicion regarding on-the-job drug use and an endless list of lots of other factors. Athletes and military personnel are also likely to get out of the blues mouth swab tests. Irrespective of the reasons for the test, it’s always best for you to test negative. Otherwise, the consequences can be severe. But, how do you pass this test? Worry not, I have got you covered.

Before we dive into the basics, I want to assure you that it’s super easy. I have done it and succeeded before. All you need is the right guidance. Let’s get started.

How Do You Pass a Saliva Drug Test?

A saliva drug test is similar to other drug tests such as a urine tests only that it checks for traces of drugs in your saliva. The nurse doing the procedure will stick a cotton swab in your mouth and will take a sample for testing. For you to pass this test, there are three alternatives. The first alternative is, you must not have used drugs for the past week or two. Second and thirdly, if you have used some drugs. It is going to be essential to find out how to pass a mouth swab drug test. You can either use mouthwash or neutralize gum. The two methods are quite effective in clearing the drug “footprints” in your mouth. I will discuss each of them, and you can decide which is more convenient and suitable for you.

To fully understand how to pass a saliva drug test, you must first understand what it’s all about. Now, this method has been in existence for a while. It wasn’t that common, but it’s highly gaining popularity because it’s cheaper and convenient for the employers. To make matters worse, a cotton swab drug test actually works and is capable of detecting drugs depending on the type used.

Should a Cotton Swab Drug Test Worry You?

If you have used drugs in the past day or two, then you should be worried. On the other hand, if you have been laying low for the past few weeks, then you are safe. But, a saliva drug test often detects drugs used by an individual in the past twelve to twenty-four hours. Different drugs leave the saliva after a certain period.

For instance, marijuana is said to leave the saliva after 24 hours of use. However, the period provided above isn’t exact. Some scientists claim that traces of marijuana leave the saliva after three days. For cocaine, the elimination time ranges between 24 and 48 hours and alcohol is detected immediately. As you can see above, the time frames for drug elimination from the saliva isn’t reliable. You can’t, therefore, assume that you are clean. That’s why I strongly recommend you either use mouthwash or neutralizing gum.

Mouthwash or Neutralizing Gum, Which is Better?

This is more of a personal choice, but I do guarantee you that both are quite effective in ensuring you pass your saliva drug test. A detox mouthwash is able of clearing all traces of drugs within minutes after using it. As a result, you will provide a clean saliva specimen. A neutralizing gum, on the other hand, is also able to disguise traces of drugs in your saliva. It works within seconds.

These two methods are excellent in helping you pass a mouth swab test. You should always carry either of them in your pocket or bag at all times because you never know when your employer is going to surprise you with a mouth swab test. The good thing is that they are both small in size and can be conveniently carried anywhere. However, when using the mouthwash, never swallow it because it contains some ingredients that may be harmful when ingested.

What is The Best Mouthwash that Can Help You Pass a Saliva Drug Test?

There are lots of detox mouthwash out there on the market that will promise to cleanse your saliva from all drugs. To save you all the hassle, I recommend the Toxin Rid Rescue Wash. You can judge its effectiveness from its name. It has rescued me from impromptu saliva drug tests lots of times. It’s effective and works just in a minute. Therefore anytime the HR team or the nurse approaches you, asking you to avail yourself for a mouth swab test.

What is the Best Gum for a Mouth Swab Test?

Gums can also help you pass a mouth swab test. However, you must be willing to dig a bit deeper into your pockets. But come to think of it, what’s more, expensive than losing your job, if you test out positive for drug use? It works in precisely 30 seconds. It’s a product from Clear Choice which is an organization that has been in the drug detox industry for more than twenty years. You can be assured of beating that drug test easily. Additionally, the effects last for more than 30 minutes.

Now that you know the two ways of passing a cotton swab drug test, you are ready to beat that test at any time. You don’t have to worry about the surprise mouth swab test anymore. However, for you to fully convince your employer or whoever is asking you to get tested, you must know how to conduct yourself. Below is a step by step guide to help you pass that test.

Step 1: The Employer/ The HR Manager and the Nurse approach you and ask for your saliva sample.

Step 2: This is the most critical step. You need to find an excuse to leave your workstation and go somewhere private. You can ask them to allow you to visit the toilet or come up with a creative excuse. Don’t act scared, be normal.

Step 3: Take out your detox mouthwash or neutralizing gum. Cleanse your saliva and don’t take a lot of time. Some two to three minutes are enough.

Step 4: Return to your desk, take the test and wait for results.

If You are In Doubt, Get Yourself a Saliva Testing Kit

If it’s your first time using mouthwash or neutralizing gum, then you may have some doubts. It’s totally understandable. Plus, a drug test isn’t something to leave to fate. To be sure of the results, you can purchase a saliva testing kit. This kit will give you the results of any traces of drugs in your saliva. You can get one from a pharmacy store near you or order it from Amazon.

Blood Drug and Alcohol Tests  

This test is often used to find any trace of illegal drugs in your system, so let’s hope your marijuana use is for medicinal purposes. The test detects substances as the blood is being drawn, looking for traces of amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, opiates, nicotine, and alcohol. In case you are unfamiliar with some of these terms, here are a few definitions.